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I’m Savannah Spencer, and if you’ve watched my YouTube channel, you know I don’t hold anything back, love to laugh and will always give you the real me. That being said, there’s still a lot you don’t know about me, and there’s so much more I want to share and experience together with you.

I created this website because I wanted to connect with my supporters and clients on a deeper level. My dream is to build a community where we can laugh, joke and talk about things most people are afraid to talk about. We can inspire each other to reach for our dreams, kick ass while pursuing our passions and love ourselves (and each other).

What am I passionate about? Family and friends, music, my supporters, working out and cooking. Anything that strengthens my body, mind and spirit is part of my journey, and I want to share my adventures with you.

How did I get here?

Ever since I was a young girl growing up in Texas, I’ve always spoken my mind and traveled in my own lane. When a door opens for me, I walk through it. If I want something, I work my ass off to get it.

If you’ve followed me from the start, you know I created my YouTube channel after an unexpected opportunity suddenly landed me in the public spotlight—and I ran with it. That’s when I first met many of you and decided to start vlogging and share more of my life on Instagram and YouTube. But there’s more to me than what you see on social media.

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Fitness, Food, Music

Working out, being fit and eating healthy are big passions of mine. I played soccer in high school, began lifting weights and found other tools online to get fit. It wasn't until I completed an internship with my coach, Wolfgang Unsoeld, that everything clicked - from both a fitness and nutrition perspective.

My passion for music has also played a huge role in my life. From teaching myself to play piano and guitar to moving to Berlin and becoming a recording artist - music is fuel to any and everything I do. It's my "why".

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berlin germany

An unconventional path led me to Berlin

My mother was born in Germany, we traveled there when I was little, and I’ve always had some magical connection to the city of Berlin. In fact, my love for the city inspired me to learn more about my heritage and study the German language. When my friends were making plans for college, I knew getting a four-year degree in the states wasn’t for me.

I always wanted to do something different—to get away and find myself. Moving to a different country away from my family and living on my own in a big city like Berlin really built my character. I’ve experienced a lot of things people my age haven’t experienced, and I can’t wait for what’s next.

Come Live Your Best Life with Me!

While it’s been fun sharing my life with you on YouTube, I want to build deeper connections with you all here. Through this website you can still check out what I’m up to, but if you want more, you’ve come to the right place. More ways to get healthy and fit (FOR REAL), more love, good vibes and laughter, and of course, more Savannah!

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