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Build a Foundation with Me: Online Coaching

As an online client of mine, you'll receive access to customized training plans, nutrition tips and motivation that will help you succeed!

Online Clients Receive:

  • Weekly Check-Ins with Me
  • A Customised Training Plan based on YOUR goals
  • Nutrition Tips, Hacks and Healthy (Easy) Recipes
  • Extra Motivation (for the days when discipline overrules will)

*Fee billed monthly. Cancel at any time.

In Person, 1-on-1 Sessions


Come train with me at my facility in Dallas! This is an option for anyone in the DFW area, looking to elevate their mind and body, and transform their life! As a "live" client of mine, we will train 2-3x/week and have a nutrition meeting weekly to discuss your progress and goals. *Limited number of spots available

Training In-Person Includes:

  • Access to me as your coach, whenever you need me!
  • Dynamic Stretching and Mobility Movements
  • Pre-/Rehabilitation as needed
  • Fun, Energizing, Interactive sessions with me!

*Fee billed monthly. Contractual Agreement.

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Why am I so passionate about health and fitness?

I’ve always enjoyed being active, playing sports and getting fit. Playing soccer in high school led me to the gym where I got into lifting weights. A couple of years later, I lost my best friend and was struggling with anxiety and depression. One day, I picked myself up and headed back to the gym—and guess what?

Training lifted my spirits, and over time, I felt my mind and body growing stronger. All the hard work and pain I experienced in the gym removed the pain I felt inside and boosted my confidence. Still, I wasn’t getting the physical results I wanted.

So what did I do? Just like anything else I'm passionate about, I knew I HAD to learn more - so I found myself traveling to Stuttgart, Germany to get certified as an A-Level Personal Trainer.

How I Cracked the Code

Shortly after moving to Berlin, I made the decision to pursue training as more than just a hobby to help clear my head. I found my coach, Wolfgang Unsoeld, and everything changed for me. I enrolled in an internship in southern Germany and began studying for my A-License in Functional Strength, Nutrition and Pre-/Rehabilitation. While being on my own in a new place was scary, not being able to reach my full potential seemed scarier. So I put in the work, invested the time, and learned how to use my own strengths to help strengthen others.

Being a young athlete, you rarely get to see the 'functional' side of things, or understand WHY your body moves the way it does. I believe that everyone is different, everyone is complex, and everyone has their own story that their body tells through movement. That's why all of my programs are specifically designed for each individual, so that I'm able to cater to YOU and YOUR goals, as well as teach my clients the "why" behind their movement. As your coach, I believe we have the capability to work together and get you to exactly where you want to be! I'll bring the expertise and fun, you just bring yourself!

You are GOOD ENOUGH and deserve the best

Here are some beliefs of mine when it comes to life and working out:

  • If you SHOW UP, you can make your body, mind and spirit stronger. But you have to be willing to do the work.
  • Getting fit doesn’t have to be HELL. You should be able to enjoy life (eat the occasional donut or pizza), get fit AND love yourself.
  • YOU are welcome here, loved and deserve the best things life has to offer.
  • I'm excited to share this journey with you! More than anything, I want the message to sink in that “You are GOOD ENOUGH.” Always have been, always will be. Honest.
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